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China is the second largest economy in the world after the United States, the only single country with an industry-wide category, so foreign investors to invest in China has become one of the important options to participate in the world’s economic development, China has three major exchanges are the Shenzhen Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, of which the Shenzhen and Shanghai Exchanges are usually closed to a single foreign investor, the following is how to invest in the Chinese stock market opportunities.

1. Do I need to open an account in China if I want to trade the Chinese stock market?

No, now many online trading platforms through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange cooperation can directly open an account on the network, the application process most only need a valid passport and national identity card can be, also do not need to personally apply for any formalities, everything can be completed online.

2. Recommended by China Stock Market Trading Platform

Trading platformDescription
Etoro icon
eToro offers the best trading environment for novices, with an open trading environment where you can view anyone’s trading history
And you can directly copy those investors who perform well and generate the same profit rewards. eToro provided
There are more than 3,000 U.S. listed companies, and you can buy any stock for $50

At Etoro you can invest directly in Hong Kong stocks, eToro has screened more than 100 of the most well-known Hong Kong-listed weighted stocks,
Can invest in Including Xiaomi, Lenovo, U.S. Group,, Alibaba and other well-known listed companies in China
Exante offers exchanges in 50 countries around the world, where you can trade US stock option options with the lowest initial account opening
at a amount of EUR 10,000, each client will have the most professional trading options available compared to other trading platforms
Online service are always available to provide answers.

At Exante you can invest in more than 700 Hong Kong-listed companies, as well as more than 100 Chinese-related ETFs

More trading platform information for other trading platforms can be found: Other trading platforms recommended

3. What are the characteristics of China’s stock market?

1. One-day rise or fall is limited to 10%, except for Hong Kong stocks
2.dividend once a year
3. National Policy Active Stock Market, or we can call ”Policy Market”
4. The same company has a variety of stock patterns are A-share B-shareS H-shares

  • A shares must be a legal entity or Chinese citizen with a business office in China in order to trade
  • B-shares are stocks traded by foreign investors
  • H-shares of Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong

4. Trading hours on the Chinese stock market

Monday to Friday UTC-8 Taipei/Beijing time AMM9:30-11:30 Half-hour break 1 and a half PM13:00-15:00

5. China Stock Market Investment Advice

China’s stock market has obvious policy implications, China’s industrial development is related to the Chinese government’s decision-making, so before and after investment need to pay attention to the Chinese government’s policy direction, compared to the U.S. stock market China’s stock market cycle up and down a single direction, once the short long-form will be a long time. in a long time to appear one-way ups or downs, in the investment should be appropriately based on trends to make decisions, the meeting of Chinese national people’s congress

1. China Stock Market Investment Related Information Website

TradingViews – Share a variety of trading thought

Tencent QQ Finance – Quickly check the Chinese stock market

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