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How to invest in European stock markets such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia and other major European stock markets, there are now some online stock trading platforms to provide such services, directly eliminating the complex account opening process,

1. Do I need to open an account in the UK to trade the UK stock market?

Answer: No

London, the former EU’s largest exchange, left the UK after Brexit but this does not detract from the UK’s role as a former financial centre, with many large international companies still listed in the UK, such as Costco, Unilever Unilever, Barclays Barclays, Vodafone, British American Tobacco, BP Oil and Royal Dutch Shell Shell Oil and others

2. Do I need to open an account in Russia to trade the Russian stock market?

Answer: Foreigners cannot open an account in Russia only through ADR GDR and other means

Some Russian companies have listed GDRs in both the UK and Germany, which are so-called overseas depositary receipts, which allow direct investment in some large Russian listed companies, and in terms of taxes, capital gains are tax-exempt at most as required by the rules of the listed exchanges

3. Recommended by the European Stock Exchange Trading Platform

Trading platformDescription
Etoro icon
eToro offers the best trading environment for novices, with an open trading environment where you can view anyone’s trading history
And you can directly copy those investors who perform well and generate the same profit rewards. eToro provided
There are more than 3,000 U.S. listed companies, and you can buy any stock for $50

up to 11 European countries exchange market stocks in can be traded directly
Exante offers exchanges in 50 countries around the world, where you can trade US stock option options with the lowest initial account opening
at a amount of EUR 10,000, each client will have the most professional trading options available compared to other trading platforms
Online service are always available to provide answers.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is XM.png
XM offers large weighted stock trades in stock markets in more than 18 countries, and you can buy any company for up to $25.
CFD stock , and support credit card / bank card access payment as soon as three days to account for small capital groups.
FXTM offers trading in the vast majority of major weight stocks in the European market, providing an excellent APP interface for users
Accustomed to mobile APP traders, you can refer to the services provided by this dealer.

For more trading platform information on other trading platforms can be found: Other trading platforms recommend other trading platforms recommended

4. What are the characteristics of European stock markets?

1. No one-day ups and downs limit
2. Multi-divided multiple times a year
3. Fewer network companies are well-known brands in the physical industry
4. Vulnerable to volatility in the U.S. stock market
5. Multiple exchanges stock market

5. European stock market trading hours

Russia (Moscow stock Exchange): 9:30 to 23:50 (UTC-3)
Germany (Frankfurt Stock Exchange): 09:00-17:30 (UTC-1)
France (Paris Euronext): 09:00-17:30 (UTC-1)
United Kingdom (London Stock Exchange): 09:00-17:30 (UTC1)

6. European stock Market Investment Advice

The general capital gains tax rate for European equities is 20%, due to the negative interest rate in the European Union, the return on general investment dividends is not high

Russia is a single type of industrial country, most of the production of raw materials mainly vulnerable to fluctuations in the business climate cycle, and because of the European and American sanctions cash yield is relatively high 10 to 20%

There may be different legal policies in the future after the UK leaves the EU

Some companies listed in Europe and the United States in many places need to note that the tax rate varies according to the listed country

7. European Stock Market Investment-related information website

TradingViews – Share a variety of trading thought

Moscow Exchange – The official English version provides relatively much information about investing in Russia

Frankfurt Stock Exchange – the official website of the German official exchange

London Stock Exchange – the official website of the British Exchange

Euronext Paris – the official website of The French Exchange

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