What exactly are MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms? is Scams? How to use and what’s Difference ?【tutorial】

The most people may be no stranger to MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 when looking for investment information, but many people may just not hear too much about it or even misunderstand it as a fraud platform, the following introduction to Meta Trader…

Introduction to MetaTrader

What exactly are MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms? is Scams? How to use and what's Difference ?【tutorial】 1
What exactly are MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms? is Scams? How to use and what's Difference ?【tutorial】 10

MT series platform is a Russian company called MetaQuotes developed trading software, the first main provision of foreign exchange commodity futures trader services has now expanded to a variety of CFD stock trading, the company initially as the increasingly popular online trading in the Internet era to provide traders with a very low entry threshold, traders do not need to develop their own applications as long as the lease metaQuotes developed trading software and can conduct business so that a large number of operators into the industry. Mainly provide small and medium-sized trading broker platform because they may not have enough capital to develop trading software, will rent directly, some operators although also have to develop their own trading platform, but sometimes in order to meet customer needs while retaining MetaTrader.

There are two trading interfaces on the market are MT4, MT5 trading platform or can be called trading software APP, support a variety of platforms, from computers to tablets, mobile phones and so on have support.

MT4 MT5 difference comparison

MetaTrader difference comparison
What exactly are MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms? is Scams? How to use and what's Difference ?【tutorial】 11
Some order execution policiesbenot
Order execution policyFull execution or immediate cancellation
Cancel immediately or execution
Full execution or immediate cancellation
The type of pending order64
Depth of marketbenot
Time and values (Exchange Data)benot
Technical indicators3830
Graphic object4431
Time period219
Economic calendarbenot
Email systembebe
Transfers between accountsbenot
Built-in MQL5.community chatbenot
Trading strategiesMultithreaded
Real-time quotes
Single thread
Multilingual Unicodebenot
Lock the silobebe
Supported marketsForex/Futures/
Exchange trading Exchange Tradingbenot

MT4, MT5 scam misunderstanding

MetaTrader is simply used as a trading tool, especially in the field of foreign exchange rates, whether it is a regular trader or other unlicensed traders will use MetaTrader as a trading tool, many fraudsters often confuse the concept, choose a formal regulated trading platform is important things.

MetaTrader is not used as a crime tool, but as a tool that generates different results when used by different people.

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Choose a safe and secure regulatory dealer

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MT4 uses teaching

MT5 uses teaching

Pending order mode

  • Market market order
  • Buy Stop hits the mark to break through the buy-to-get
  • Sell Stop’s hit price fell below the catch-up price
  • Buy Limit backs down to make up for it
  • Limit Sell bounces back to make up the sale
  • Buy Stop Limit breaks through to make up for it
  • Sell Stop Limit fell below the rebound to make up for it
Sell Stop touch price falls below sale (schematic)
Sell Stop’s touchdown price falls below the catch-up price (schematic).
Sell Limit Bounce Hits Resale (Diagram)
Sell Limit Bounce Hits Resale (Diagram)
Buy Limit back-to-back price buy -up (schematic)
Buy Limit back-to-back price buy -up (schematic)
Buy Stop touch price breakout buy (schematic)
Buy Stop touch price breakout buy (schematic)

MT4.5 Leverage Introduction

Total position lotsLeverage x1Leverage x2Leverage x5Leverage x10Leverage x50Leverage x100Leverage x200Leverage x400
Unlike real-world foreign exchange, you can trade $100,000 through $1,000, but there will be different maximum margins depending on the regulatory unit or commodity

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