What is the stock market? How do I trade and invest in stocks? #2 【investment tutorial courses】

Stocks are the most efficient use capital in the capitalist world, investors and buyers can exchange the operating rights of the company in almost anonymous circumstances, the first origin of the stock is made in 1609 by the merchants in Amsterdam, the Netherlands so set up a system of commercial innovation, at that time the ordinary people and even noble property can not bear the funds required by a company alone, so in this case the share (share) system was created, by many people to contribute and issue shares by percentage Such a straightforward business approach was quickly welcomed by Dutch businessmen at the time , because the Netherlands itself was a small European border country and did not have the huge royal financial resources to support the cost of ocean trade , and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange was the world’s first stock exchange at the time .

Stock Trading Introduction

The stock market, also known as the secondary market, is mainly through the major exchanges of the country approved by the capital companies under the legal supervision of each country to form a trading market, where investors and shareholders sell their holdings of the company, so that ordinary people / institutions do not need direct involvement in the company’s management can also obtain the company’s asset growth, which is the capitalist country’s most efficient way to manage the whole country through the free flow of capital to promote rapid social evolution and the elimination of outdated industries.

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The stock market is through electronic trading, often between the transactions in microseconds, and this mechanism greatly enhances the liquidity of the stock market, that is, trading is often completed in the blink of an eye, but there are also parts of the stock market through the two sides of the coordinated trading such as OTC stock market, this type of market exchange there are manual transactions rather than electronic trading, usually those small companies or emerging entrepreneurs also partly because of the company’s stock evaluation led to the market, Then trade on the OTC market, where stocks usually have a relatively high investment risk

What kind of type people suit for trading stock

  • Full-time full-time worker
  • Slash youth
  • Mathematics professionals
  • Property Investor
  • Those who have full enthusiasm for learning
  • Emotional manager

World’s major stock markets (maximum trading opportunities)

The advantages and disadvantages of stock trading

  • Long-term returns are better than entrepreneurship and real estate
  • Shareholder discount
  • Distribute company dividends quarterly every year
  • Change cash contingency at any time
  • Large fluctuations
  • Affected by central bank policies
  • Information disclosure gap
  • Easily affect mood

How to invest in the stock market

▶ prepare information for opening an account

  • ID card/passport
  • Proof of address / utility bank statement, etc.
  • Bank account / savings card or credit card

how ▶ open an account

  1. Select the trading platform
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  2. Upload the file material
  3. Deposit via the bank Visa/Master card
  4. Waiting for approval
  5. Once you’ve completed your review, you can start trading stocks
READ  What is forex market How to trading Forex forex? #3【investment tutorial courses】

A common problem for newbies in stock trading

I don’t know how to provide proof of address
how to deposit and withdrawal money
Why the money in the account has been decreasing
why there price are going down for bit,i was taken huge loss ?

The psychological construction of stock investment

Because stock investment will have immediate price fluctuations, new investors usually inadvertently always look at the relevant investment news and price quotations, unlike real estate, the object of sale is usually one-on-one and face-to-face, in the stock market can not see your counterparties to participate in the bidding, so the face of asset figures often let you feel high and low ups and downs or even affect work, family and other aspects, so you should find some trusted people to communicate your trading situation.

Many times investment is only not a test of how much a person understands about investment, because when you really live-real investment, you face things are not market fluctuations, often their own mood swings, many people often fail to lose out, such as after a few easy profits on their investment methods too optimistic and take highly leveraged financing transactions, and finally in the case of financing guillotine loss, or can not stand the stock price rise to chase high lead to subsequent decline leading to losses and so on.

Market volatility not only leads to mood swings but also physical discomfort, while over-focusing on trading can also affect interpersonal relationships, or holiday markets do not open when they often expect the opening of the week, these are investment will cause a symptom of mental illness, if you have similar trouble suggested that it is best to leave the transaction first, and think about a way to invest that will not affect the mood, may miss certain opportunities but a healthy body is also a wealth.

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